Leadership Coaching & Inspirational Speaking

Leadership Coaching

Great coaches, who have the ability to combine a genuine interest in people with a deep understanding of how businesses really work, are at the heart of Core Business' leadership programmes.


Core Business transforms managers into leaders


Steve and his team have successfully coached hundreds of individuals to grow as leaders. They have enabled numerous teams and organisations to develop a shared vision of where they want to be and implement the changes needed to get there.

"It's amazing how much insight you gain when you ask a question – and really hear the answer."

Steve Core

Core Business' structured approach is based on confidential sessions, with open and honest dialogue. Conversations take place at your offices or elsewhere, in a safe and trusting atmosphere. Participants are given the space and attention needed to remove unnecessary fears and realise new goals.

In-depth knowledge and solid experience enables Core Business to quickly identify personal and organisational challenges and provide tailored strategies to turn things around. The going may get tough at times, but the power and clarity of the results will be more than worth it!

Core Services

Leadership Development

Transformative programmes geared to growing leadership capabilities across organisations, enabling leaders, departments and organisations as a whole to lead change. This involves shifting present mindsets to embrace a clear new vision, building relationships and looking at individual needs for growth and development.


Team Building

Customised inspirational courses giving teams the power to dramatically increase their effectiveness. Includes building team relationships, the culture and future you and your team want and realignment.



Core Business facilitates workshops, tailored to your specific business needs, with one constant: more confident and motivated employees and improved individual, team and company performance.


Individual / Executive Coaching

Confidential meetings targeted at getting to know yourself better, enabling you to focus on your strengths and manage any weaknesses. What motivates you, what do you want and what is blocking you from getting there? These are some of the questions that will be addressed to dramatically increase your effectiveness at work and create a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.


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