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Leadership Coaching

Core Business provides customised leadership programmes, coaching individuals, teams and organisations to lead change, develop leadership talent and improve performance. For more than a decade, Steve has been coaching individuals as well as teams and worked with many types of organization around the world. Over the years, he has put together a team of skilled Dutch and British coaches who share his corporate experiences - and his passion for personal growth and inspiring leadership.

"Personal growth is critical to effective leadership, which in turn is pivotal to business success."

Steve Core

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A story about fatherhood  |  Steve Core

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"It's amazing how much insight you gain when you ask a question – and really hear the answer."

Steve Core

Steve Core

Inspirational Speaker

Steve is passionate about inspiring others to grow their leadership and realise their full potential. Whether he talks about his corporate experiences, his personal story or shares the lessons he has learned about leadership, Steve leaves his audiences with more confidence, renewed energy and the inspiration to take on the tasks that will lead to greater success in their business and personal lives.

Core Business

Before setting up Core Business in 2002, Steve Core worked in senior roles in large organisations for 20 years. He gained both good and bad experiences during periods of mergers and strategy shifts at these multinationals, which opened his eyes to new ways of leading change and achieving dramatically improved results.

As a leadership speaker, Steve shares these experiences and insights, inspiring business leaders and audiences around the world to bring about change that will benefit themselves, the people they work with and their companies.


Core business offers customised leadership development programmes that help businesses strengthen the leadership skills of individual leaders, within teams or across their organisation and drive real performance improvements.

Steve works together with a team of other professional coaches who all have extensive experience in international business and in coaching.

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